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Morning Session      9am to Noon

Afternoon Session   2 pm to 5 pm


$125 per person

Max class size 6


 Refreshments will be served


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Artists Michelle & Robert Casarietti have designed an art workshop which assists people in reawakening their creative selves.  Our workshops create a fun relaxed “studio” space where one can get back in touch with all the excitement and rediscovery of a creative experience.  In the workshop there is no wrong way, mistakes, good or bad, or judgement. There is simply an opportunity to push the imagination further and realize that each action brings forth a new way to look at things and experience the world.

We have been teaching our “art explorations” to adults and children for many years in our studio, after school programs, as visiting artists to public schools and to businesses wanting to incorporate a more creative vision with their employees.

Workshop 1
Re-Opening the Box
Welcome to our World

The workshop is three hours long and reintroduces you to use your different senses... touch, sound, smell and movement, and to trust your intuitive responses while unlocking inhibitions and moving into the creative zone.  You will make two to three paintings and expereince a wonderful journey into your creative self, tapping into and opening up to your imagination. We use a variety of interesting techniques to help and encourage you on your journey.  During and after the session there is laughter, sharing of stories, joy and a sense of comradery, excitement and being charged up.

Left side Right side Creating Harmony

Creative exploration opens up another side of our brain, the right side, which looks at the big picture, the whole, and the macro, to see things from another perspective.  Creative experiences change our

perceptions by focusing on the ability to let go and explore moving into another state of mind, right brain.   We can use this to better enhance the left side of our brain for creative living. Many studies have shown that Creative projects and experiences stimulate and support the development of our left brain skills, such as, problem solving, reasoning, positive risk taking and communication.  Pretty amazing when you think you are only doing

something for fun. 





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