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Custom Commissions

We can create a custom painting for any space ... 60% of our paintings are custom created.
Custom commissions can be accomplished in several ways...but here is the easiest and most effective.

First if there is a piece of ours that you like BUT...would like it in a different size , color, etc we can make that happen.  
We begin with the space you would like to place the painting. 
You can send a picture to us via email along with dimensions.

We discuss which pieces you like and what you are looking for in the feeling for the space.

We then take our discussion and create ideas / options for you using our creative juices and photoshop to help you to visually
"SEE" how the painting will look.  See images below for examples...

Once we decide on a direction we custom build the frames and create the piece(s).  100% Satisfaction Guarenteed
These are ALL original paintings....and remember there are so many options..we also create 


Final Concept using photoshop
Finished installed painting

Example of Three concept options

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